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Living there helps you focus on your recovery
I thought they were better than one of those massive facilities with tons of people, since you get to live in an extremely beautiful, comfortable house. Since there’s only ten of you, plus employees, it’s easier to get to know your housemates and trust them enough to open up. I actually loved staying at the house, and the food was actually wonderful, too. Living there helps you focus on your recovery and keeps you tuned into why you are there. Drug Rehab Montgomery will help with your recovery.
, Montgomery Dec 6, 2011

Helped me get through some hard times
It’s in your best interest to let Drug Rehab Montgomery assist you, since they've got much more experience and training than you. They were really amazing, and helped me get through some hard times. Including the office staff, therapists, and all of your housemates, there are many people at Drug Rehab Montgomery who will help with your recovery.
, Montgomery Apr 15, 2011

Transition into a sober living home
They teach you what you should do to avoid trigger situations and stop relapse after leaving the facility. Introducing the 12-step community to my treatment plan actually helped, and inspired me to transition into a sober living home. Drug Rehab Montgomery’s program works, however you must learn to give in and do what the staff and counselors are suggesting. Everyone are really educated and eager to assist you.
, Montgomery Mar 22, 2012

I wouldn't ever have regained my life
I was using drugs for years before it caught up with me, and it actually ruined everything I loved - my parents, my relationships, and even my job. Everything I cherished would be lost if I hadn’t made the decision to get clean. Drug Rehab Montgomery was comfortable, clean, and friendly. Their employees were very educated and skilled, and the weeks were organized and scheduled. I wouldn't ever have regained my life if I hadn’t called Drug Rehab Montgomery’s hotline for help.
, Montgomery Jul 10, 2011

Very positive and successful
I was simply bitter and hated the truth that I was in need of assistance and was in rehab. The other people in the house truly appeared to like being at Drug Rehab Montgomery, and they would tell me that soon my time there would seem to go faster. Back then I thought they were crazy, but after some time I agreed. I really feel that the treatment program at Drug Rehab Montgomery was very positive and successful for me.
, Montgomery Aug 9, 2012

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